2021/22 Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA): Application for Secondary One Discretionary Places (Admission to Secondary 1 (S1) in September 2022)

2021/22 Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA): Application for Secondary One Discretionary Places (Admission to Secondary 1 (S1) in September 2022)



1.Date of Distribution of Application Forms:

  • From now till 17th January, 2022 (Monday)
  • Applicants may obtain the Application Form in person at the school office during office hours or by downloading on our school website.


2.Details on Submission of the Application Form


  • Please return the completed Application Form according to the date, time and method specified below:
    Date: 3rd to 17th January, 2022

Time:  (Mon-Fri) 7:30 am - 6:30 pm and (Sat) 7:30 am - 1:00 pm

(Sunday & public holidays) Closed

  • Method: IN PERSON at the school office
  • The completed application form should be submitted with the following documents:
    • The completed Application Form for S1 Discretionary Place issued by the Education Bureau
    • Copy of the HKID card, birth certificate, or document(s) showing the date of birth and the identity of permanent residency in Hong Kong
    • Photocopies of P.5 & P.6 school report cards (P.5 – 2nd term; P.6 – 1st term)
    • TWO stamped ($2.0) self-addressed envelopes with the name and address of the applicant
    • A student photo (affixed on the Application Form)


  1. Number of Discretionary School Places:40


  1. Criteria and Weighting
  • Position in the Rank Order List provided by the EDB: 30%
  • Academic Results: 20%
  • Conduct and attitude: 20%
  • Interview Performance: 20%
  • Extra-Curricular Activities and Awards: 10%


  1. Notes on application submission
  • Each student may apply to not more than two participating secondary schools listed in the Handbook for Application for S1 Discretionary Places, otherwise his/her chance of acquiring a DP will be forfeited.
  • Based on the principle of fairness, recommendation letters from primary schools are NOT REQUIRED.
  • To be environmentally friendly, applicants are not required to submit photocopies of certificates or records of extra-curricular activities. Please only bring along the relevant original documents to the interviews.
  • Limited S1 places; first come, first served.


  1. Details of the interview
  • All applicants will be invited to attend an interview.
  • Date: 6th March 2022 (Sunday)
  • Notification: The arrangement will be sent on 28th January, 2022 (Friday) by post
  • Time and Mode: Applicants will receive an interview notification by post
  • Content of the interview: Knowledge in different subjects, knowledge about our school and personal life knowledge


  1. Arrangements for notifying successful DP applicants


  • According to the EDB, our school will notify parents of successful applicants of their children’s inclusion in the Successful Lists for DP (not official notification by the EDB) by post and phone on 4th May, 2022.


  • These notification arrangements are not applicable to reserve and unsuccessful applicants, nor are the notifications the allocation results.


  • The official results of allocation will be released on 26th July, 2022 by the Education Bureau, including the DP and CA results.


  • S1 Registration on 28th and 29th July, 2022